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Black Jack

A fun fast cards game, rather simple and yet demanding promptness and skillness in taking quick decisions, sometimes according to the logic and sometimes to the instinct. The game’s object is simply to get more points than the dealer,without going over 21.
Your bets are payed even but the dream is the highest possible hand, a ‘blackjack’ meaning an initial two-cards with a total of 21 (an ace and a ten-value card). In this case the payoff is 3 to 2.
Remember that the ace, according to convenience, can value 1 or 11.

chemin de fer saintvincent

Chemin de Fer

Historical variation of the Baccarat, it is the destination of the gamblers èlite contending the high prizes of the tournaments monthly organized by the casino.

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Bets can be numerous and articulate. Ask the ‘stickman’, who will provide you with the dice, or even one of the croupiers, for gaming rules. The most popular and easiest bet is very simple: throw the dice and hope to get a 7 or an 11 with the first roll. You lose if you roll 2, 3 or 12. If you roll another number (such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) you will get a second round and this time, if you roll 7, you lose.

roulette americana saint vincent

French Roulette

It is the gambling icon. The easiest bet, on a single number, pays 35 to 1: the numbers on the wheel go from 0 to 36, which means that you have 1/37 chance of winning.
Rien ne va plus !

casino tornei

American Roulette

The american roulette, as the english one, is a fast game and it allows to purchase color chips.
The wheel has 38 numbers differently placed compared to the french roulette (zero, double zero and from 1 to 36).

fairoulette saint vincent

English Roulette

Same rules of the French roulette, with two differences: faster game and color chips for every player, allowing free and personal bets

caribbean poker

Caribbean Poker

It is a Poker variation, very popular in the european casinos. The introduction of the Jackpot is one more chance for the player.

punto banco saint vincent


American variation of the historical Baccarat, its speed fascinates and gives fun and emotions.

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

The Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is an amusing game. Covered cards and 5 common cards to play against the “banco” with an added bet called “Trips” for the maximum fun.

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A wide mix of sounds, lights and colours lead the Slots offer of the Saint-Vincent Casino. Every day, h 24, you can freely amuse yourself choosing inside the huge number of gaming proposals that we selected for you around the world.


Only fun at Saint-Vincent Casino.

Every day you can win our Jackpots : find out the list of payments, see the numbers…

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The Casino de la Vallée is open from 10 a.m. , 7 days a week

Prices & Offers

The entrance to the Casino de la Vallée is always free. The CLUB REWARDS Card allows to enter easily into gambling areas through a fast gate.
The Southern Parking is free.

Customer care

The Customer Care Office, located in the Casino Lobby, offers assistance every day from 2 pm to the closure of gaming tables. It ‘s the point of reference for information on tournaments, events and shows organized by the Casino as well as on promotions, travel packages, timetables and fares of public transport services, merchandising.

For further information please call the number 0166-522287 after 2 pm or send an e-mail to

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At the Saint-Vincent Casino the entrance is allowed only to adults (18 years old, full year). For the entrance ticket issue you have to show a valid identity document.

Info: Customer Care.

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