The Casino de la Vallée is open from 10 a.m. , 7 days a week

Customer Care

For information please send an e-mail to informazioni@svrc.it

Identification Documents

At the Saint-Vincent Casino the entrance is allowed only to adults (18 years old, full year). For the entrance ticket issue you have to show a valid identity document.

Anti Money Laundering Law

In applying the provisions of anti-money laundering legislation in force since December 29th, 2007, involving the identification requirement and customer master data recording, to access the game rooms is always essential to show a valid ID at order to obtain the release of the ticket. Cardholders Customers may enter in the Casino through the fast gates. The Customer Service, Customer Care and Check Cash are at your disposal for all necessary explanations and to provide, where necessary, mandatory updating of your personal data.

Prices & Offers

The entrance to the Casino de la Vallée is always free. The CLUB REWARDS Card allows to enter easily into gambling areas through a fast gate.
The Southern Parking is free.

Dress code

To access the game rooms of the Saint-Vincent “Casino de la Vallée”  you have to be seemely dressed.
The Wardrobe is available for the coats storage, jackets, hats bags and umbrellas.

The obligation to deposit wardrobe of clothing and / or other objects can also be placed at the discretion of the Games Department, the Head of Security and the Head of Customer Care.

There are no special limitations, except for propriety cited above, to access the Ground Floor of the Casino.

For the Area of Gaming tables located on the 1st floor of the Casino apply the rules listed below:

  • it is not allowed access in slippers and / or sandals;
  • is not allowed access in an undershirt;
  • is not allowed access in shorts sport type, so if below the knee (model called “capri”), or bermuda (just above the knee);
  • it is not allowed access with tracksuits;
  • sweatshirts, pullovers and jackets without sleeves must be worn or, alternatively, deposited at the wardrobe.

To access the room Privè at the 1st floor, in addition to the above rules, there is an obligation, for men only, to wear long trousers.

It is specified that any clothes left at the Wardrobe will be donated to charity after six months from the date of abandonment.

Gambling Addiction

The Saint-Vincent “Casino de la Vallée” since the start of the operations has a priority in the defence of the customer in every aspect. It means that any inhibition to access to the gambling rooms will be accepted under a formal request coming from families in temporary difficulties.

For further information ask to the customer care office or to the secretariat of the Executive Gaming Board.